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Aqua by reduction

Often wetlands and ponds accumulate excessive sediment, nutrients and pollutants whilst water quality declines, algal blooms and aquatic weeds proliferate reducing biodiversity.
You will feet great, sleep better, and have more energy and improved outlook in life.
Marine applications are also suitable, encouraging plant growth in a biofilter medium.
"4: Tokyo Bay Reformation".As such, a substance with an ORP reading of 400 mV is 4 times more oxidizing than a substance with an ORP reading of 100.The aquaculture was being impacted by stormwater and cross contamination with effluent, whilst fish waste led to ammonia build up and exacerbated algal blooms.PH is often depicted on a graphical colour scale as shown below: When talking about water, its pH value is related directly to the ratio of positively charged hydrogen ions H and negatively charged hydroxyl ions.The color change and sediment you see in the water is produced by the ionization interaction of the current flow; the metal in the array and the toxins in the water and body.Most other types of water are oxidizing agents as their ORP is positive.Handbook of International Bridge Engineering.The benefits of the Aqua Detox system are, detoxification, stimulation and balancing of the bodys energy meridians, and ATP production.Biological Oxygen Demand / BOD 50-99.Wetlands are the kidneys of the landscape, purifying and cleansing waterway pollutants, heavy metals, and excessive nutrients.Archived from the original (PDF) on Retrieved Funasaki, Tsuneyoshi; Yamada, Norio; Izumi, Yasutaka; Miki, Keizou (1998)."8: code promo superdry juillet 2017 Design Concept of the Trans-Tokyo Bay Bridge".
The closer you move towards 0, the more a solution is acidic, and the closer you move to 14, the more a solution is alkaline.

Image Credit: Tom Duncan.Tokyo Bay and pass through downtown Tokyo.In some zones the floating wetlands were connected sub-surface with a maze of baffles that forced the water column pollutants through the vast matrix of plant roots and biofilm.Social benefits include reducing nutrients and pollutants impacting receiving waters, lakes the marine environment, and enhancing human and fish health outcomes.The road opened on December 18, 1997, after 23 years of planning and 9 years of construction at a cost.44 trillion yen (11.2 billion USD at the time of opening).The Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway project - a huge project currently under construction.Boca Raton: CRC Press.Aqua Biofilter Floating Wetlands Floating Islands.