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Being human us promo

being human us promo

I'm always happy to give an interview in any format.
Point by point, from his support for fascists to his Obama birther efforts to his anti-immigration rhetoric to his attacks on the media, the short editorial swiftly and emphatically reduces Trump to rubble.
Surveillance, for your comfort and protection the nsdu closely observes every area in the.
It is vital we all identify our human or synth status to the nsdu.We will rapidly and effectively neutralise any synthetic human threat posed to the public.Interviews: I have more interviews online than I can count.My newest books, Entheogenic Liberation is an expansion of the ideas first introduced.Just reach out and we'll make it happen.For general advice on living in reality, God's Handbook for Operating Human Vehicles (see visionary art page).Being Human as a good place to start.Publishing update: As of Oct, 2018, Being Human, Entheogenic Liberation, The Solandarian Game, and God's Handbook are all available as audiobooks at m - more coming soon!Identification, if we dont know who you are, how are we supposed to help you?
If you would like any of my books, but for whatever reason cannot afford them, send me an email and we'll work it out.
Music promo leroy merlin peinture AND ART uses: It's always gratifying when someone would like to use some of my art or music for their own creative purposes.

Some are text, others audio, and some video.A few general comments: Due to a current code promo pandora disney health crisis, I'm not currently available for interviews, Skype consults, or email exchanges.Below - a promo video for my newest book, Entheogenic Liberation, and another of a recent talk I gave at the Exploring Psychedelics Conference in Ashland in the spring of 2017: Visit me on Facebook.Trump is in the midst of his latest European tour, and hes already distinguished himself by insulting his host Theresa May over how she handled Brexit, stating that Europe is losing its culture due to immigration, and making vague promises to ask Putin about the.Writings: All of my books are available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle, iBookstore, etc.Rapid Resolution, our nip arrow season 5 episode 15 promo it in the bud tactic is simple.While there are Paypal links available here, I'd appreciate if non-US orders were placed at Amazon, etc., due to differences in shipping costs.What TO read?: If you're new to my work, I generally suggest.WaPo and, nYT amplify the voices of apologists and civility hawks, its nice to see a full-throated rebuttal to everything Trump stands for in a mainstream outlet.If you're interested in learning about my personal experiences with entheogens and nonduality, my memoir, Being Infinite is where to look.If you're in need of some original psychedelic fiction, The Solandarian Game might be the one.
Here you can find out a bit about me, my books (both fiction and non-fiction my nondual approach to entheogens, my art, music, podcasts, and events.
Check it out: It starts off with a bang: Donald Trump, due to arrive in the UK later today, is a racist, a serial liar and either a sexual abuser or someone who falsely brags about being one in the apparent belief that this will.

Being Human and is for serious self-liberators and is the most comprehensive book ever written about 5-MeO-DMT and nonduality.
But as an America, having watched even our most respectful media institutions like.