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Echelle de reduction

The arc spectra are extracted using the apertures for the object.
In this interactive task you can step through each order with.
Ec display Bdemoflat 1 fill output ec implot Bdemoobj1 output output after placing cursor on column 50 and typing c In the plotting task you exit by typing 'q' as is true for most graphics tasks.Ec dir h h h h h The fact that the images actually begin with B is an unimportant detail.When apflatten finishes the created flat field image Flat will consist of the ratio of the normalization spectrum to individual pixel data within each order at each line and the value one between the orders.Initially all the apertures are the same size (specified by two of the algorithm parameters).The linear dispersion coordinates for each order, which will be applied to all data processed using this master arc, are then determined and shown.Fit curve to aperture 2 of Bdemoflat interactively?(listonl no) List steps but don't process?The keys you use are 'm' to mark a line and 'j' or 'k' code webdistrib ma reduc to go up or down through the orders.Fr Ainsi, l'UE a mis au point le projet stardex (réduction d'échelle statistique et dynamique régionale des phénomènes extrêmes pour les régions européennes qui permet de comparer et d'évaluer de manière rigoureuse et systématique les méthodes de réduction d'échelle statistique, dynamique et statistico-dynamique pour.Extract arc reference image demoarc Determine dispersion solution for demoarc output for first order In this data mark the strongest line and the one next to it (as shown in the example output) by placing the cursor over it and typing 'm'.(backgro median) Background to subtract (splot yes) Plot the final spectra?You may answer with yes to examine the fit, no to skip examining this particular order, YES to examine all order without further queries, or NO to accept all remaining fits.Fr Mettre en évidence les lacunes dans la mise au point des scénarios climatiques régionaux et sousrégionaux et, notamment, déterminer la nécessité basket en promo de concevoir des modèles climatiques, leur accessibilité et leur applicabilité, et les solutions permettant de combler ces lacunes; recenser les moyens concrets daméliorer.To get the lines labeled as in the example type :label user and redraw the graph with 'r'.You are then asked if you want to resize the apertures (the regions defining the locations of the orders).If the demos task does not create a flat field (pre-V2.11) we will have to do this ourselves with the artificial data package.

First the flat field image includes the shape of the flat field spectrum and the echelle blaze function.The redo parameter is set so that if you want to repeat this exercise, possibly with some changes in the parameters, the operations will be repeated.Ec ndwidth3 ec ndsep2 Defining the Apertures The first thing the task does is to find the positions of the requested 3 orders from the average of the 10 center lines in the standard star image.Parameters To begin we set the package and task parameters.You may answer yes, no or the capitalized forms to suppress other queries.Bandpasses may be added or deleted.The second option is to subtract a global scattered light surface using data between the orders to define the scattered light.In this tutorial and exercise we will chose to use the median of background regions near the objects for local sky subtraction.Ec doecslit List of object spectra (Bdemoobj1 Set reference aperture for Bdemostd Searching aperture database.You have the option to look at the fits for each order or use the last set of fitting parameters.These are essentially identical and differ only in visual appearance and where the parameters are described.
However, for arc calibration images you will notice funny names will be used for the extracted spectra.
(trace yes) Trace object spectra?