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Feral cat rabies

Cats do not have their own strain of rabies, and Levy says that cats are merely incidental victims that develop rabies from wildlife.
Approximately 300 rabid cats are reported each year in the code reduc fioulreduc United States, says Jesse Blanton, a CDC epidemiologist.Making sure your fluffy pal is up to date with its shots guarantees its safety, as well as your own.As such, when the virus becomes active, it causes confusion, disorientation, aggression, loss of appetite, erratic behavior and other problematic outcomes like paralysis and seizures.Since it can be transferred to humans and pets alike, its of extreme importance to not rule out the possibility that your cat might have rabies especially if it has been bitten or scratched by another animal.Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback.Billed as a killer disease, rabies cases in humans are highly uncommon and also highly preventable.In the past 10 years, the number of feral cat colonies has exploded as animal-rights groups fight to end the capturing and killing of strays.The rabies virus eventually affects the entire nervous system.Even a single dose of rabies vaccination provides years of protection against rabies infection, says Levy.
If youre trying to save money from vet trips by not getting your cat a preventative shot prior to contracting the disease, youll actually be increasing your expenses.

The number of doses required has also changed.But finding out exactly how long vaccines can protect against rabies requires expensive, complicated studies and neither vaccine makers nor local governments have much incentive to fund these studies.Published 6:03 PM EDT Aug 18, 2013.If the cat has attacked you or another person, said person must also get a vaccine.In one study 12-week-old kittens given a single rabies vaccine were completely protected against rabies four years later when they were exposed to the rabies virus, she says.The rabies vaccine has been one of the big public health successes of the past 50 years, says Susan Dicks, DVM, a private practitioner in Albuquerque who also has wildlife experience.Surveillance statistics show that bats are now the number one source of human rabies exposure in the.S., and that raccoons and skunks are the most commonly infected species, followed by bats and foxes.Feral cats differ from stray cats, because they have never been socialized to humans.
Infected saliva must enter an open wound or mucous membrane to transmit the virus.
George Fenwick, president of the American Bird Conservancy hogan promos in The concours hospitalier Plains,., one of the authors of the study, says more feral cats will mean "the incidence of rabies exposure is going to increase at a fairly rapid rate.".