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Gagne's theory of instruction

Individuals are more likely to adopt a modeled behavior if it results in outcomes they value.
Primary forms can be presented by either an explanatory or inquisitory learning strategy The sequence of primary forms is not critical provided they are all present.
Interval versus ratio) and their effects on establishing and maintaining behavior.The significance of these reduction impots pour clim classifications is that each different type requires different types of instruction.Gardner) Overview: The theory of multiple intelligences suggests that there are a number of distinct forms of intelligence that each individual possesses in varying degrees.An important aspect of dynamic memory are explanatory processes (XPs) that represent sterotyped answers to events that involve analomies or unusual events.The paradigm for S-R theory was trial and error learning in which certain responses come to dominate others due to rewards.Piaget) Overview: Over a period of six decades, Jean Piaget conducted a program of naturalistic research that has profoundly affected our understanding of child development.Ausubel was apparently influenced by the work promo saint jacques of Piaget on cognitive development.Hypnosis and Suggestability: An Experimental Approach.In this case, the entailment structure represents relationships between pathological conditions of the thyroid and treatment/tests.The instructor and student should engage in an active dialog (i.e., socratic learning).The theory suggests that transfer of learning depends upon the presence of identical elements in the original and new learning situations;.e., transfer is always specific, never general.Procedures for Instructional Systems Development.

Scope/Application: Gestalt theory applies to all aspects of human learning, although it applies most directly to perception and problem-solving.Response must be made in order for conditioning to occur (i.e., the student must be active).Paivio) Overview: The dual coding theory proposed idée papier cadeau by Paivio attempts to give equal weight to verbal and non-verbal processing.Situated learning has antecedents in the work of Gibson (theory of affordances) and Vygotsky (social learning).This module has one pre-requisite and is the pre-requisite to most other modules in the course.There is an old saying among presentation professionals to tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and finally tell them what you told them.Shank Cleary (1995) describe the application of these ideas to educational software.Purposive Behavior in Animals and Men.In her next search, she is much more directed and finds the candy in 86 seconds.There are also similarities with Bruners spiral learning model, although Ausubel emphasizes that subsumptioninvolves reorganization of existing cognitive structures not the development of new structures as constructivist theories suggest.
Merrill (1983) explains the assumptions about cognition that underlie CDT.
Elaboration theory proposes seven major strategy components: (1) an elaborative sequence, (2) learning prerequisite sequences, (3) summary, (4) synthesis, (5) analogies, (6) cognitive strategies, and (7) learner control.