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Heroes of the storm hero price reduction

heroes of the storm hero price reduction

Kharazim: Fixed a rare issue in which movement commands could persist after casting Radiant Dash.
Return Stitches Abilities Vile Gas (Trait) New Functionality: When damaged, Stitches emits a gas cloud that poisons nearby enemies over 3 seconds (no longer leaves Vile Gas on the ground) Cooldown reduced from 4 to 3 seconds Hook (Q) Hook can now target allied Heroes.
Now: Restore 30 of maximum Mana over 20 seconds.Terran Front-Line Portrait, awarded for reaching level 10 with Nova,.Price Drop 4,000 June 26, 2014 Falstad Price Increase 7,000 June 26, 2014 Gazlowe Price Drop 4,000 June 26, 2014 Illidan Price Drop 4,000 June 26, 2014 Kerrigan Price Drop 7,000 June 26, 2014 Li Li Price Drop 4,000 June 26, 2014 Sgt.Rehgar: Ancestral Healing will now properly restore Health to Artanis and Johanna if the target takes lethal damage in the same moment that Shield Overload or Indestructible is triggered.Hammer Price Increase 7,000 June 26, 2014 Sonya Price Drop 4,000 June 26, 2014 Tassadar Price Drop 4,000 June 26, 2014 Tychus Price Drop 4,000 June 26, 2014 Tyrael Price Increase 7,000 June 26, 2014 Tyrande Price Increase 7,000 June 26, 2014 Uther Price Increase.Tomb of the Spider Queen: The number of Spider Gems held by each team will now always display, even if zero Gems are currently being carried.Summon a rain of meteors in a large area for 7 seconds.Level 16 Gathering Radiance (W) Each Hero that Holy Radiance passes through increases the Healing and damage of your next Holy Radiance by 8, up to a maximum increase.?Imposing Presence (Passive)?Removed New Talent: Righteous Defense (Q) Heroes healed by Holy Light take.Credit Guide for more information.Return to Top User Interface General A Breaking News icon has been added to the top navigation bar in the game menus, and will activate whenever important announcements about Heroes of the Storm are posted, including details about scheduled maintenance, game updates, and more.You can also view the.Lunara: Leaping Strike can now properly damage enemy Structures after learning the Boundless Stride Talent.In-Game UI General Left-clicks can now be issued through all in-game UI elements while the cursor is in targeting mode.Visual effects for Movement Speed Slows have received additional polish, and will better indicate whether a Slow is greater or less than.Return Bug Fixes General Corrected a number of typos and tooltip errors across several aspects of the game.

Level 13 Speed of Twilight (W) Increased Movement Speed bonus from 20 to 30 Developer Comments: Please see the developer comment at the top of the Heroes section.Return to Top Assassin Gall Abilities Twisting Nether (R) Reduced cooldown from 100 to 80 seconds Talents Level 1 Shove (Active) Reduced cooldown from 40 to 30 seconds.We endeavour to ensure that the information on this site is current and accurate but you should confirm any information with the product or service provider and read the information they can provide.Anubarak: Voiceover will now play properly while idling on Anubaraks Hero page in the Shop.Return Medivh Abilities Portal (E) Improvements have been made to the clickable area within Medivh's Portals, which should result in fewer misclicks when attempting to enter them.Return Azmodan Abilities Demonic Invasion (R) No longer deals half damage to Heroes Talents Level 1 Sieging Wrath (Q) New Functionality: Quest: Gain 4 damage per enemy hero hit, up to a maximum of 100 damage Reward: Gain an additional 100 damage and increases maximum.Tyrael: Casting Judgement on an enemy just as the target is killed will no longer teleport Tyrael to the enemy safe zone.Social Thai language chat messages received from other players will now display appropriately in Heroes of the Storm.Level 20 Unleashed (R) In addition to its current effect, killing an enemy with Go for the Throat increases the damage of Go for the Throat by 25 for 10 seconds, up to 100.Morales Hero Release 15,000 October 6, 2015 Tyrael Price Drop 4,000 October 20, 2015 Artanis Prerelease Promo October 20, 2015.

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