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How is rabies treated in humans

Sources of Rabies, rabies is a viral infection that attacks the central nervous system in warm-blooded animals.
Deaths from rabies, people turned to the doctor too late.
This happens for the following reasons: for a long time people, bitten by a rabid dog or cat, I did not seek medical help; Vaccine reception mode has been broken; the patient decided to terminate treatment prematurely.
The animal will be held for 10 days to see if it exhibits any rabies symptoms.At the same doctor conducts the differential diagnosis of tetanus, encephalitis or delirium tremens.In the event of an attack on you or your pet, immediately contact your doctor.Symptoms second step, in the second step, which lasts approximately 3 day, characterized by the following symptoms: because of, that the virus has penetrated into the nervous system, a person becomes overly excitable, his muscles tense; hydrophobia, that is, fear of water.This is to ensure, to prevent effects on nervous system stimuli, can provoke an attack; for the correction of the nervous system are appointed sedatives, and analgesics and drugs with anticonvulsant action; organism weakened due to rabies.Be saved from death after being bitten can only be vaccinated against rabies person.Rabies - an insidious disease.Observed and mental disorders - rabies in a person causes depression, a sense of anxiety, anguish, fear, there is insomnia, which can be accompanied by hallucinations.The dying person may look quite calm, wherein the body temperature is increased to 40-42 degrees, and blood pressure drastically reduced.As a rule, a person becomes an accidental victim, because this disease is not peculiar to him.In the absence of immediate treatment, rabies in humans leads to a fatal outcome, so treating this "habitual" disease is very serious.
Many fear, after vaccination will develop side effects.
The saliva of a sick animal contains the rabies virus, after a bite or contact with infected animals should wash the lesion with warm soapy water and immediately go to the doctor disease progression, a vaccine for the treatment of rabies in humans have extremely.

Can I get infected from a person?The place of the bite turns red, there is burning and itching.If not, the person who was bitten will not need to be given treatment for the virus.The only means modern medicine can offer is vaccination, which must be performed no later than 2 weeks after the bite.At the initial stage of the disease, signsrabies in a person are not expressed, that is, the patient complains of general malaise, headache and muscle pain, possibly a slight increase in body temperature, a decrease in appetite, nausea.The terminal stage starts in 3-5 daysafter the appearance of the first signs of the disease.However, the causative agent of the disease is always reduction amazon bebe puericulture present in natural foci, therefore important to know any, How does rabies in humans.At this stage, the motor functions of the infected person gradually fade.
At the moment, the researchers are trying to develop new treatments for the disease on the basis of a clinical case.