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Manchon reduction 100 80

manchon reduction 100 80

A shadow priest's ultimate of (-12, -18, -24 Armor) can be viewed as (75, 117.5, 150dmg).
For every -5 armor increments, your dmg increase goes up.
Unlike Armor reduction however pure dmg increase (such as 60dmg from Deso) will not be amplified.
With these two simple information in mind, I can easily estimate the dmg increase I would expect without much calculation or usage of scary graph models and ecricome concours tables.Off the top of my head, I was wondering if a SP DP combo would work out well.I find that effectively, I am dealing 680 worth of raw dmg in one single hit assuming the opponent's armor falls under the effective green band.Total - (-14 armor 100dmg, 340dmg).Throw anything random like: Lanaya with desolator (-6armor, 60dmg Meld (-8armor, 200dmg base dmg (80dmg).Else in late game when the opponents armor are buffed, your armor reduction effectiveness will deteriorate into the red band.A level 3 weave (average -12 armor cos of the -1/-2/-3.-24) gives approximately 75dmg boost to spirits (each does about 49dmg iirc) from.To make it easier (for me ill just take the (Armor reduction value.7).And Grave can be used on DP when she gets focused.So a -20 armor debuff would have a efficiency peak of roughly 14 armor.If you ask me about Slardar's ultimate.

AoE stuns/disables/nukes, chain stunning, carries are what makes a team game.In a similar way, you will find it highly irritating if Tinker's laser description for Level 1/2/3/4 is "Deals small/moderate/high/v.high pure damage".The effectiveness of Deso SF looks clearer now, -4 from aura and -6 from deso gives about 60dmg.The highest value demarkated by the blue box would be the peak efficiency.And probably new Armor-oriented heroes.Its quite easy to relate to certain skills as well such as those that gives increased dmg like Magnus' Empower (60 Command auras (36 and others.

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All these while I had difficulty in quantifying the effectiveness of armor reduction.