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These heavy cavalry are an excellent tool for a commander, well able to break lesser opponents.
Remember you are the sons of Mars!" "Love moves the world of men: the love of money." "By Neptune's favour, we will have wind!" Asking the Gods for help is correction concours ensea a ticklish thing, by Jupiter!
(Ekdromoi Hoplites) Lightly armoured spartan hoplites that are swift and mobile.
Boii were a Gallic tribe of the later Iron Age, attested at various times in Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy Pannonia (Hungary and its western neighbours in and around Bohemia (after whom the region is named and Transalpine Gaul.Subtlety is not an onager's strongest point.The Ardiaei were enemies of the Autariatae for a long time over trade resources.These cavalry are essentially mounted skirmishers.However, these men are not true warriors; and unfit for melee except against other slingers and light units.Their throwing spears aren't of the greatest quality, but they can soften an enemy before they charge.Divide Et Impera Part.Even the poorest of the tribe can fight for the tribe's honour and glory."Fight for me and you'll get land, gold, and women aplenty!" A man with an eye for recruitment and connections can win skilled soldiers to his cause.Their charge has great strength, and their skill in close is frightening; they would be capable of fighting hardest where needed." (Swordsmen) The La Tene Celts were used as mercenaries all over Europe and Africa by the Romans, Carthaginians, other Celts, and various peoples.
(Arevaci Medium Cavalry) As swift as arrows, and just as deadly, Celtiberian cavalry are renowned for their speed, discipline and deadly skill.

Try saying that in the morning, darling." Charmingly unskilled in love, but terribly eager.(Lusitani Ambushers) Gestikapoinann is equipped with light armour made of leather combined with a small bronze breastplate, a galea leather helmet and a rather large shield that gives them their name.Il est obligatoire de bien respecter toutes les conditions pour obtenir ce remboursement.This province benefits from the order and stability brought by the forces of Roma.There is honour and tradition in defending one's home as a hoplite.Kotys is an enigmatic and primal godess whose very name means war and slaughter.(Thracian Heavy Peltasts) The art of skirmishing has not be ignored by the warlike Thracians.The mob is easily roused, but fickle in its bravery code promos mondial relay and commitment to battle.They were located in present day Montenegro, most likely around the gulf of Rhizon, although Strabo places them in the right bank of the Neretva.Many can also afford to wear body armour of some sort, usually consisting of a hardened leather cuirass or simple mail shirt extending down to below the waist." (Spear Nobles) The Arjos sport the finest equipment available and train daily in its use.
Du 20 avril au 10 juin Votez pour que le Tour de France passe près de chez vous!
These men are Sparta's finest, strongest Spartans, and the toughest of hoplites.

With the strength of a bull, the ferocity of a wolf and the agility of a lynx, these men are without par among the ranks of the Areuakoi warriors.
(Bosphoran Thureos Swordsmen) These warriors are a flexible skirmishing force, dangerous with their javelins from afar and moderately effective in melee.