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Rab neutrino 400 sleeping bag review

rab neutrino 400 sleeping bag review

For the warmth its very light.
Once you get inside your sleeping bag you instantly compress all the filling beneath you, greatly reducing its efficiency.Rab Neutrino 200 Endurance is aimed at summer alpinism and all forms of fast and light mountaineering where temperatures do not reach extremes.A combination of light-weight and water-resistant Pertex fabrics provide excellent protection from both cold and damp weather, creating an extremely comfortable bag.The Neutrino range of sleeping bags are temperature tested to the new European standard (EN13537:2012) and are hand-filled in Derbyshire,.This review was first published in the March 2018 issue of The Great Outdoors he Neutrino 800 is the equal warmest bag tested but it weighs 400 grams less than the Couloir 1000 due to the higher fill power down and the lighter weight idée cadeau bébé garçon 9 mois shell.Comfort: This is the temperature at which an average female should experience a comfortable nights sleep.However, the EN 13537 European Standard does not apply to down filled sleeping bags with a fill weight of more than 800g; for those bags you will have to rely on the manufacturer's experience and technical expertise, which is often more accurate!Traditionally sleeping bag manufacturers provided their own temperature ratings based on their experience, the products intended end use and the perceived environment.
Indeed, my feet in medium weight wool socks were rather too hot.
Comfort lower limit: This is the lowest temperature at which an average male should experience a comfortable nights sleep whilst lying in a curled-up body position.

Extreme: This is a survival rating where the user is likely to suffer health damage such as Hypothermia.But each brand tested their bags in different ways and it was hard code promo zalando septembre 2016 to find a fair comparison between models.The biggest difference you can make to your overall comfort is to use an efficiently insulated sleeping mat.The hood is excellent.At -12.6C I was very warm inside wearing just thin base layers.The Neutrino 400 features 400g of high quality 800FP ethically sourced European Goose Down and is made in a mummy taper style, offering minimum weight and pack size, without compromising on warmth.The ratings have four different temperature ratings to give you an indication of the bags performance.The Womens Neutrino 400 is designed primarily for alpine climbers, for use on bivi ledges, light-weight mountaineering trips or general winter conditions.Bear in mind that that we are all individuals and we all feel the cold differently, and that our own resistance will fluctuate depending a whole load of factors including how much we have eaten, whether we have consumed alcohol, whether we need a wee.Rab uses down thats traceable under the European Down Feather Association Codex, which ensures that the down does not come from birds that have been live-plucked or force-fed and that their welfare has been protected from the time they were hatchlings to when they are.
The Rab Neutrino 200 sleeping bag also has a roll-top waterproof compression stuff sack, so you dont have to worry about carrying it with the rest of your gear.