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In fact, such an EMP nuclear bomb that didnt kill a single person, but enabled Iran to then conventionally attack and conquer Eastern Saudi Arabia and liberate 5 million Shiite Muslims from the code promo e one heretical yolk of Sunni rule, couldnt possibly be described as destructive and.
Miller is now the current Commander of the 46th Test Wing, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.) where he stated that: Even a small, relatively crude nuclear device detonated above the Korean peninsula would generate an EMP with field strength well above 10 kV/m, ensuring wholesale.
Bold added (November 2005 Report, Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010, Critically, through the lens of North Korean and Iranian development of a deliverable EMP nuclear weapon, alleged Iranian and North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile test failures actually become EMP nuclear weapons successes.
Much has been, and will be, said about that Iranian Supreme Leader Khameneis February 2012 informal speech to a group of Iranian nuclear scientists wherein he is translated in English to have said: There is no doubt that the decision makers in the countries opposing.With the Iranians armed with an EMP nuclear weapon, any ability of the US to mount a conventional counterattack would impossible.Marina., Borzenko.I, Nazmutdinov.R., Glukhov.V., Tsirlina.A., Probst., Self-inhibition phenomena in the electroreduction of hexamolybdocobaltate(III a combined experimental and computational study / Chem.This will not create stability as the mad MAD advocates claim, but a hysterical compounding vortex of instability.By Kim Myong Chol, the third possible attack, a high-altitude detonation of hydrogen bombs that would create a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP would disrupt the communications and electrical infrastructure of the US, the whole of Japan, and South Korea.For instance, the recent North Korean failed ballistic missile was a perfect EMP nuclear weapon-type of due south trajectory over South Korea which reached at least 50 kilometers altitude and therefore was a total success for a test EMP nuclear delivery launch.Ironically the ubiquity of high-tech computing gadgets in the US, Japan and South Korea has made them most vulnerable to EMP attacks.Plus, who, in their right mind, is brave enough in this White House to disturb President Obamas weekend golf outings.18, Bold in original) The White House would not even know Irans EMP attack had begun, before it was all over.Electrochemistry (2002) 38,.
Kvon, Antoine Bonnefont, Alexandr.
Fock Meeting on Quantum and Computational Chemistry.

Well, before one gets too rapt in the Iranian religious untouchable that Nuclear weapons are a grave sin, 1938 Munichesque euphoria, one should remember that back in 2006, Mullah Mohsen Gharavian, a disciple of the ultra-conservative Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi, widely regarded as the cleric.Kim Myong Chol is author of a number of books and papers in Korean, Japanese and English on North Korea, including Kim Jong-il's Strategy for Reunification.(See House of Commons Defence Committee, Developing Threats: Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP) In fact, once Iran gets an EMP nuke, as the ngic report concludes, Iran has an incentive and a window of opportunity, not a deterrent, to using an EMP weapon against Saudi Arabia and.Military and communications systems such as radars, antennas, and missiles, government offices, would be put out of use, as would energy sources such as nuclear power stations and transport and communications systems including airports, airplanes, railways, cars and cell phones.A weapon that doesnt kill a single person could still destroy our technology." Bold added px, if that doesnt put a crimp in your guffawing, try reading the super-secret 2005 report (recently declassified in 2011) by the US Army Intelligence branch called the National Ground.Nuclear weapons are a grave sin in 2012 sounds almost as good to those pundits as Peace in our time sounded to the useless idiot pundits in 1938.
Translated from Elektrokhimiya (2002) 38,.
There never could have been a deploying Desert Shield which enabled the attacking Desert Storm, and Kuwait would still be called the Kadhima, the 19th Province of Iraq.

Nazmutdinov.R., Glukhov.V., Petrii.A., Tsirlina.A., Botukhova.N., Contemporary understanding of the peroxodisulfate reduction at a mercury electrode /J.
This is because an Iranian detonated EMP over the Saudi Peninsula would not only blind all of the US military spy satellites, but would likely burn out all the US centcom Saudi Theater communications back to the Pentagon.